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Presentations from the TAFCC Workshop

Managing Climate Change Risk in Forests:
How Can We Use Silviculture and Genetics to Minimize Potential Problems?

November 12, 2008
Portland, Oregon
Click on the title to access presentation in pdf.

Climate 101: Observations and Modeling of Change
on the Global and Regional Scale

Philip Mote

Vegetation Under a Changing Climate:
Climate impacts and ecosystem responses

Jeremy Littell

A Diversified Portfolio for Managing the Effects
of Climate Change in Forest Ecosystems

Dave Peterson

What to do With All This Talk of Change:
A Forest Managerís Perspective

Jeff DeBell, Glenn Ahrens and Scott Ketchum

Silvicultural Approaches for Adapting Forests
to Climate Change

Paul Anderson and Daniel J. Chmura

Anticipating Change: Adapting Forest Management
to Warmer Climates in British Columbia

Sally Aitken

Genetic Options for Adapting Forests to Climate Change
Glenn Howe and Brad St.Clair

Climate Change Decision Support Tools:
Present and Future

Nicholas Crookston and Doug Maguire

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