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Other Publications

Forests, Carbon and Climate Change: A Synthesis of Science Findings
Achterman, G., Bachelet, D., Burnett, M., Cathcart, J., Delaney, M., Drapek, R.J., Harmon, M., Kline, J.D., Krankina, O.N., Lenihan, J.M., Millar, C., Neilson, R.P., Salwasser, H., Taylor, G., von Hagen, B., and Wilson, J. 2006.
A project of The Oregon Forest Resources Institute, Oregon State University College of Forestry, and Oregon Department of Forestry. 2006 Oregon Forest Resources Institute.
Click on title or icon to download full report (2.30 MB pdf) or download the
Executive Summary (1.05 MB pdf)

Climate change impact on forest resources
Battles, J.J., Robards, T., Das, A., Waring, K., Gilless, J.K., Schurr, F., LeBlanc, J., Biging, G., and Simon, C. 2006.
California Climate Change Center White Paper, CEC-500-2005-193-SF, 44 pp.
Click on title or icon to download full version (672 KB pdf).

Climate change and forest genetic diversity: Implications for sustainable forest management in Europe
Koskela, J., Buck, A. and Teissier du Cros, E., editors. 2007.
Bioversity International, Rome, Italy. 111 pp.
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